SourceTree: Refresh “REMOTES” Branches Status

This post will show you how to refresh “REMOTES” branches status in your SourceTree.


What is “REMOTES”?

If you open SourceTree, you will see it at the left side as below screenshot. This “REMOTES” section lists all remote branches of the repository.


Why do we need to refresh “REMOTES” status in SourceTree?

Assuming that all members of your team are working in a repository. One day, a member of your team deleted a remote branch in the repository and other members should get a refresh on their SourceTree’s “REMOTES” to know that, that branch was deleted. To do this, let’s see the below guide.


How can we refresh “REMOTES” status in SourceTree?

To do this, we simply do the following:

  • Open your SourceTree
  • Click “Fetch” and check “Prune tracking branches no longer present on remote(s)

That’s all.

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